A bunch o stuff

I'm trying to figure out how to organize everything in my head into a coherent post. I'm not sure that I will be able to so bear with me. 

A fair amount has been going on my my house.
On the more usual end of things, I finally got this tallit completed.

My client Diane wanted something that was incredibly simple on paper, She wanted a pieced Moroccan star. That part is a little difficult but not crazily so. But---she wanted the tallit to be made of one layer of silk...unlined. That means there was no place to hide all of the raw edges. I am not going to take you through all of the technical machinations of how I ended up where I did. 

Diane had chosen the silks. When I called her to tell her the piece was finally(!) dine she also asked for a tallit bag and a kippah. 

So at last this has been put to bed.

Another bit of a to do in our household is that my youngest has become something of an internet star. You can read about it here, an interview with my son.
This is a photo my son took of himself a couple of days ago that I played with.

Last night, this happened on the Tonight Show. It's nice to see a bit of fame shining on our boy.

And still I needed to cook for Shabbat. Today's wet cake is a cranberry apple version of last week's apple wet cake.

I am not showing you yet another photo of meatballs or another tray of baked challot. You can always look up photos from another Friday if you are feeling deprived.  This is the curried pumpkin soup that will be our first course. I made the soup but myu older soun pureed and strained it to it's velvety state.

I am looking forward to Shabbat. I spent too much of my day trying to talk to a human being at the USPS to find out why the package I mailed to Brooklyn as a wedding gift on December 10, has been wandering from post office to post office in the region. I did finally speak to an actual human being after many frustrating attempts. i did not yell at the human on the other end of the phone, but I ought to know exactly up with the package by next Thursday.  I am thinking of many curses but not saying even one  out loud.

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. How cool! I had a listen with my son. I love the blend/dissonance. Nevermind the words you don't need to know them to appreciate the mix.

  2. Glad you listened Sandy - it has been a fun brush with fame. I admire that my son isn't too impressed with it.


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