As I type this a really difficult week has come to an end. One family member was in the hospital and was really quite sick.

At the end of the week another relative died. All in all, it was a lot. Clearly I am leaving out most of the complicated twists and turns of the week.

But early this morning we drove to a hillside in New Jersey overlooking the Meadowlands to bury our relative.

And now we are home and soon it will be Shabbat.


  1. I'm very's especially difficult around the holidays.

    1. Chanukah is not such a big deal...a sweet thing, but not big.I do really appreciate the good wishes.I am thawing out from the high emotions of the week.

  2. Sorry to hear about your family and the loss you are experiencing.
    I am thinking of you. Make some comfort food. I am sure the making and the cooking and the eating will help you work through things.
    Big hugs.

    1. Good advice Sandy. I made an insane amount of food, truly insane. I cooked four giant chickens for 5 people. there was also a vat of chicken soup and a salad and quinoa and meatballs and a fruit was a little crazy. We do have house guests but still... a little nuts. my brain was not fully plugged in after we got back from the funeral. I was massively sleep deprived so my ability to think was a bit compromised.But better too much than not enough food.


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