A hodge podge of work

I know I have been posting mostly about cooking lately but there has also been sewing gong on in my life.

This tallit is nearly done. This tallit technically has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had to produce something that was pieced, but only one layer and could be “read” properly on both sides. I covered the seams on this side with the vintage ombre purple grosgrain.


The reverse has the seams covered with the vintage checkerboard red and black ribbon.


The outer edges of the tallit will be covered with a wide multicolor grosgrain.The ribbon also adds a fair amount of strength to the tallit. Every time my husband sees me working on this tallit he winces and says, “ It’s awfully bright.” it is very bring but I’m not making this for my husband but for a client who wanted this level of bright.


I have just begun working on a tallit for a new client that combines wonderful old textiles with new ones. Here is a preview.


It’s always an honor to work with such beautiful hand work.I’m trying to figure out the best way to attach the crochet lace to the gold background. if you have any brilliant ideas, please share them. There is going to be lots of this lace, four strips of 45 inches long each…so I would prefer not to do this by hand.SAM_5638


I am also working on a wedding gift. I had completed this challah cover a while back but I am jazzing it up for the bride who is the child of a dear friend.


I embroidered around all of the letters.SAM_5639

I am also adding a flourish of couched gold cord.


I think it pushes this challah cover into the realm of the fabulous.


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