Food Friday–Post Thanksgiving edition

There are many glorious things about being a guest instead of a host of Thanksgiving. We ate a pretty spectacular meal yesterday at my dear friend’s home. We came home to a clean house.

What we don’t have is left overs. My youngest is home from college and is starved for meat. I decided to satisfy this need ( Although I assume that yesterday’s consumption of vast amounts of brisket and turkey put something of a dent in his meat debt.)

Tonight’s dinner features a veritable Pu-Pu platter of beef. We have it in sliced London broil form with a smoky ,vinegary home made barbecue sauce.


We also have ribs.


There are also some kofta which are not pictured.  I assume that after dinner there might be a couple of scraps of meat left, but then again, perhaps not.

The Thanksgiving flavors of pumpkin and maple syrup and cranberry for me are as much part of the fall season as leaves turning color. My daughter is particularly fond of pumpkin.

The Pilgrims used to serve the pies as part of the main course. I made this


kind of a hybrid pumpkin pie/kugel/pudding to serve as our starch for tonight’s dinner. It’s not quite as sweet as a dessert pie and I strewed bulgher wheat on the bottom of the pan to serve as a crude crust. It’s spiced like a typical New England pumpkin pie. A homely dish for the season.

I also made another batch of cranberry chocolate tarts.


A cookie crust is topped with chocolate and then cranberries and sugar. This is one of my favorite flavor combinations and the color is amazing.

A cabbage salad still needs to be made. No, there are no salad fairies who will make the salad while I nap, but a girl can dream.


I am looking forward to our full table tonight and am still thinking about the very full table I sat at yesterday that was filled with love and beautiful dishes and beautiful food.


Shabbat Shalom!


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