Calling all lace experts

I am making a tallit for a woman who inherited some beautiful linens from her Leeds born grandmother. Given that my apartment is the place where old linens go to live out their later years, I have seen lots of doilies over the years.


What I find intriguing  about these doilies is how they are created with two layers of interconnected work.


This is clearly high level, high quality work.


I love those jonquil borders.

I am guessing that this is a form of bobbin lace, but I am happy to be corrected. I also know that various lace types were carefully classified in the golden age of lace making. unfortunately that knowledge is lost to me.


So do any of you have a sense of what this style of work is called, and secondly, any sense of when this work might have been made?SAM_5523

Both have discolored over the years and are now in their spa bath, hot water and Oxy-Clean.


There are more vintage goodies that will be incorporated into this tallit.  I will share more as time goes on.


  1. Hi Sarah, I recently met some Lace people when I did a talk about my garments at their yearly gathering.
    There is a local group, so I will ask the organiser to have a look here and see if she knows, or if she can send someone else to have a look.
    They look amazing though! A lot of hard work!

  2. Thanks.. There are some crochet elements but then is that needle lace on top?? There is such a great sculptural/dimensional quality to the lace.. I knew someone in my universe would know!!!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    The lady I asked says, "This looks to me like Crocheted Lace
    There is a lot of Irish crochet and it is similar to this."
    But she is also going to ask someone else who knows more about it.
    I think the Irish Crochet lace is a bit of crochet and a bit of needle lace together. Wikipedia says it is based on the detached buttonhole stitch.


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