More signs of fall

This autumn, for some reason I am particularly hungry for trees that have turned color.

This bright yellow tree is on my block, across the street from my building.


As I did my errands today I found other bits of fall color.There is a new development a couple of blocks away on Columbus Avenue. I call it suburbia because it is filled with big box and mall stores.  There are some trees in suburbia.


I loved the reflection of the foliage in the lobby of one of the buildings in suburbia.


This tree is at the edge of Morningside Park.


I was relieved to finally see some red leaves.


I also want to show you something that is something of an endangered species in my neighborhood.  This is an original, completely un-renovated doorway to a late 19th century  working class apartment building.  Often buildings show the signs of well intentioned but poorly thought out renovations. many buildings of this vintage have the industrial glass and metal doors that look like supermarket doors of the 1960’s. Some buildings during the fearful time of the late 1960’s replaced these refined wood and glass doors with grim looking metal doors. In the early 1980’s often these doors were replaced with wood and glass doors that were the right materials but were made for Federalist styled homes.

Neglect here was a good thing. The doors are peeling but beautiful, appropriate to the building. Perhaps when the building gets renovated these doors can be preserved.



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