Halloween decorating

On on the board of my building. One of the tasks I do each year is decorate the lobby for Halloween. Before I took over the job the decorations were al store bought. The decorating itself was a nice communal activity but I didn’t love the idea od spending money on store bought decorations.

Each year, with the help of the kids in the building I come up with a theme.  The goal is to create something that is easy enough for kids to do, costs nearly nothing and looks appropriate for the season.

This year I also looked up ideas on Pinterest. I had found a tutorial on making spider webs out of garbage bags.  I ad also seen something about creating flocks of bats.

I asked neighbors to donate the needed supplies. Parents and kids came at the appointed time and got to work.SAM_5390

Usually early in the process it feels like this year it just isn’t going to work  and I try to figure out an alternative plan  for decorating the lobby.


About half way through it is a chaotic scene. The lobby is a mess. Kids are doing things that maybe they ought not to be doing. I try to keep everyone busy and create jobs  for kids as young as three and as old as eleven. I get kids to teach one another how to cut bats or make the spider webs or stick the bats up on the mirrors.


Eventually though, the lobby looks great.SAM_5398

I love the bats in the light fixtures.SAM_5396


Some of the kids decided to make  ghosts for the elevators out of white garbage bags. SAM_5389

Some of the kids worked on the front entry.


At one point a group of the youngest kids had dressed themselves as ghosts with the tattered white garbage bags.


It was a successful  day.


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