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The other day I received an email from a friend. They are cleaning out her late mother in law’s apartment. They found this wedding dress would I want it for my work. SAM_5355

I had assumed that the dress would be in bad shape. In that case I would be happy to cut it up and use it in my work.  What I discovered was a dress that was slightly discolored but in nearly perfect condition. Apparently it was purchased from Henri Bendel’s in 1952.


I think my daughter, as slim as she is is too large for this dress. I called a  wedding dress gemach in Brooklyn.  Gemach  is a contraction of the phrase g’milat chasadim  the doing of good deeds, and is a community organization with  a mandate to do good. We will rendez-vous  in the garment district next week and I will give the woman who runs the gemach the dress Some Brooklyn bride will be wearing this dress at a wedding soon.

This morning one woman got to services early and was happily working away at  a needlepoint before services began. When I noted her work she mentioned that she just loved doing needlepoint and found it deeply relaxing. I noticed that she was working on the background of her piece.


I used to do needlepoint back in high school. I found working on the blank backgrounds of pieces to be a test of my endurance.  I have been thinking about those sorts of test of endurance because I stupidly decided to hand embroider around all of the letters of the verse that will be in the lining of the tallit bag I have been working on.

Visually it’s a good idea.


It’s time consuming, and to tell the truth, deeply boring work. I amused myself by listening to many podcasts.


The task is at last, done. Now, I can finish constructing the bag.


I rewarded myself with a walk outside. fall is actually here.


We don’t have too many red maple trees here but we do get a fair amount of bright yellow to announce the change of the season.


And because I have been paying attention to light as I go about my way.

I took this while waiting for the elevator in my building.


Looking east on 100th street just after morning services. I was trying to capture the reflection off of the building that a block away on the corner of Amsterdam Avenue. My camera was unable to capture the reflection of the sun off the new glass and steel building, but like so much of my life,not exactly what I expected but pretty good anyway.



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