A dispatch from the land of the Yucks

My friend Marla used to describe having a full on case of sinus snots as having a case of the Yucks. I have the Yucks.


I stayed home on Shmini Atzeret and on Simchat and did the old fashioned pre-egalitarian thing and had my husband say kaddish in my place.


I made it to services this morning but have spent the day recovering from the exertion. This photo proves that I made it out of the house.

west 100th street

Yesterday, my dear friend Renee rang the doorbell and handed me a container of home made chicken soup. It was exactly what I needed. I had reached the point of being so sick that I was too stupid to realize that I might also be hungry. I was glad that Renee had figured it out that a pea brained sick person needed some soup.


Renee’s soup made me remember that I had two packages of chicken bones in my freezer. I threw them in the crock pot with with whatever sad vegetables I could scrounge up from the bottom of the fridge .


I am using my little pea brain to think about clothing. Pinterest is just the right speed for my tiny brain.

I had seen several iterations of this dress.


It’s basically a variation of the wide-side dress I have made a bunch of times. The difference is that the sides here are really wide, the full width of the fabric. Let’s assume that I will do this in a knit, so we are talking about 60- inches for the front plus another 60 for the back. The outer edges of the skirt have ties added to them so you wrap the skirt around yourself.


On the skinny model it looked heavenly. On a heavier model, not so much. The heavier model though made her version out of a woven and had the wraps tie at her high hip so it looked kind of clumsy. I think I can make this work for me.


The other dress draft that I am thinking about a whole lot  is essentially the famous walkaway dress


The version I saw though  on This site. 


seemed to show the dress in a knit version with no additional ties. The front is fairly narrow and you wrap and tie the back of the dress around to the front.I warn you that the site I just linked to is a huge time suck. there are 85 pages with tons of dress drafts.  I love that there are dress drafts from all over the world and from about 40 decades.

I wasn’t up to the brain power required to make a dress today. it is nice to think about the possibility of a dress though.


Actually, I really hope that I will be up to doing actual work tomorrow.


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