Some pre-Yom Kippur random thoughts

Getting ready for a day where we abstain from food requires a whole lot of food prep.

Yesterday I got ready to make Cholesterol Death Kugel. (If you need to make it right now you can find the recipe if you click on the word Kugel on the tags on the right)

The kugel is made with dairy. If you can’t eat dairy take your lactaid pills before you eat it. There are no substitutions in this case. SAM_5277
I decided to make the noodles from scratch. here is my dough resting under glass.
Will any of our guests actually notice that they are eating noodles that worked my upper body to it’s limit? Probably not. They may notice that the kugel tastes like love, and that may in fact be enough.
I have used the kugel pan to weigh down the gravlax which is brining away on the bottom of the fridge. Before Neila I will slice the fish into paper thin slices. I assume that I will be slicing the fish with a very tiny brain so I have already sliced up most of the other vegetables. I don’t want to slice up my fingers into paper thin slices.

I have been listening to appropriate music as I have been working away. I love this video. The sauces for the fish are made ( cucumber-dill and a honey mustard).
My friends who want to especially here a woman’s  voice singing the High Holiday liturgy may appreciate this.
The food for tonight ( chicken and tzimms  and a challah) has been pulled out of the freezer. I just started making dessert, some sort of a plum and lemon cake sort of a thing. I can tell you exactly what I have made once it is done.

The cake in formation turned into what my son now calls "wet cake", this time in a Meyer lemon and plum version and topped with syrup made from the macerating plums and the lemons that I boiled in simple syrup,My son is a fan of wet cake.

So my day before fasting is spent worrying about and preparing massive amounts of food.

There is a new building in my neighborhood which is in many ways really ugly. It does though at certain hours of the day do something quite spectacular to my friends Josh and Claudia’s building.
Take that as your pre-Yom Kippur metaphor for  the good possible in even the worst of us.
גמר טוב


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