Food Friday and odds and ends

This was not such a heavy cooking week. The challah was baked last week and a guest is bringing the vegetable matter.

I decided to make the meatballs extra fancy by making them with caramelized onions.


Who would have thought that something so simple could have such a hauntingly complex flavor. Like lots of the foods that I make, the secret ingredient is time.

Here are the meatballs in their completed state.


I will probably make some sort of a sauce to put over the meatballs when they heat up in the oven. It will probably be some sort of a sweet, savory vinegary smoky variety, that is some form of home made barbeque sauce.


I also made potatoes with lemon and baby spinach.


I am pretending that this is a Greek recipe. For all I know it might be, but I made it based on what was in the fridge.

I am currently cooking up the mix for what will be tonight’s ice cream, apples, ginger and mixed berries sweetened with maple.


As I have mentioned previously, my grief for my mother is expressing itself in indirect ways.  Yesterday I felt an intense need to make myself the sort of dress my mother might have worn in the heat of the summer.


A cotton lawn shift in a scroll print. The good noticers among you will notice that I didn’t properly center the print. This is exactly the sort of dress my mother wore in the summers from the mid 1960’s  until a couple of summers before she died.


The early versions were sleeveless or were shirt sleeved dresses with tissues hidden away in the cuffs. I don’t think that this style of dress is even particularly flattering on me, but it feels nice to wear a dress like one my mother might have worn.

I am also including a Friday bonus of a really nice shot of a fire escape seen on my way home from Morning Minyan. I like that sharp morning light casting crisp shadows.SAM_4734

Shabbat Shalom!!!


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