Which would you choose???

I am making an atara neckband and pinot  for this beloved old wool tallit. 


I am giving my client three possible choices.

This is a soft wool with a Lurex stripe.

charlie miller (2)

This is a smooth faced wool broadcloth.

charlie miller (1)

And finally there is a silk tussah.

charlie miller (3)

Each have nice qualities. It will be interesting to see which one my client chooses.


I suppose if I were more of an artiste  I would just tell my client what he needed and be done with it. Charlie, my client is a thoughtful man who makes deliberate choices.

Earlier this week I removed the tzitzit. Someone, I assume a child had added a really tight knot to one of the tzitzit. That is what happens when you go to shul with a child.


I have occasionally come across tallitot where the tzitzit have been tied into crazy arrays of knots. Little kids can get bored at services and there is something quite compelling about playing with tzitzit.

I wasn’t sure if I could actually undo the knot. It took several tries, but eventually I was successful.


The pinot had gotten grotty and have been removed. the atara was re sewn on by Charlie’s daughter. She sewed that atara on TIGHT.

As soon as Charlie makes his decision I will begin work.


  1. I think I would go with the wool broadcloth. It lets the stripes be the main player in the piece.
    I am not sure how the atara lays against the neck. Would the lurex threads or even the tussah silk irritate the skin at all with their textures? (Coming from someone who can not endure the tags or even the printed labelling in garments at the back of the neck because they irritate my skin.)


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