Matza Brei

This variation on the usual matza fried up with scrambled eggs is one of my father’s great culinary contributions to the world. It is essentially matza suspended in custard. The elements are simple but it is deep, deep comfort food. I made this pot full this morning before I went to morning services because my son asked me so nicely.  I could pretend that it is a difficult dish to make and make my son feel obligated to me and do my bidding for the rest of the day. But in reality, this is a dish simple enough to make before your brains are fully plugged in. If you have a heavy bottomed pot like I do you can cook this in the pot on low. If you have pots like my father did, nearly thin enough to read a news paper through, make this in a double boiler. I assume that this would be even more lush made with a dollop of heavy cream, but that is something I have never experienced.

It is our usual Passover breakfast.

Put some butter in a pot.


Matza, assume 1 sheet per hungry breakfast eater.


Roughly crumble matza into the pot.

Add milk.


Add one beaten egg per sheet of matza.


Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook on low until custard sets.


  1. How much milk? What size pot? I take it you don't soak your matza first. Anyway have a wonderful Passover.

  2. Nancy -

    the pot needs to be big enough to hold the matza milk and eggs with enough room so that if you had the heat up too high by mistake there is room for over boiling.. The milk - enough so it comes about 3/4 up the volume of the matza. You could soak the matza in the milk beforehand...I often do but just hadn't the time this morning.( There was zero difference in taste or texture...but I ate it several hours after it was made) I am not being very specific about the amounts for two reasons one is that I just didn't measure, and in fact I have never measured for matza brei. The other is that this recipe is really flexible. It will work with a whole lot more milk and be a little looser or with less milk and be thicker.Eventually that matza soaks up every bit of liquid anyway so as much as you add will work.

  3. Nancy - my sister read my reply to you and thought that I was being unfair by not giving you exact proportions.she tells me that my father gave her his formula. if you need and want the formula I will give it to you....but if you REALLY want to cook like my father you will look and judge and adjust based on what you see in front of you.

  4. It's fine, thank you. I made it this morning. Let the matza soak in the milk. It was very tasty, but I like my usual version a tad better. Your Passover cooking is truly impressive.

  5. I guess it is what you expect when you hear the words matza brei.A few years ago a friend offered my kids the regular kind and they were severely disappointed. My camera broke...otherwise there would be more photos...Thanks for your comments and your encouragement..Have a zisses paysakh


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