Food Friday, cooking for us again

We have been eating food lovingly cooked for us  during my mother’s Shiva. Each day we have been pulling out  various food units and heating them up for lunch and dinner.

Today is Friday, time to make Shabbat dinner.  Yes, I know that Pesach is coming. But I have about 12 lbs. of flour that needs to be used up and two Shabbatot before we change the house over. So I made challah.


I decided to make a smaller batch with only 2.5 cups of water and four eggs instead of the usual 3.5 cups of water and 6 eggs. If I were more scientifically minded I would have precisely figured out exactly what percentage to reduce al of the other ingredients. I am not, so I just added less of everything.


They look good and will probably taste good too.


This my son’s birthday Shabbat so I made ribs. This is what I put on top of the ribs before they went into the oven.


I am trying to use up open containers of condiments before Passover. We tried the Korean hot pepper paste for the first time on Rosh HaShanah. We have eaten a kilo and a half of this pepper paste in six month. Yes, it is that good.


I also want you to notice how despite the fact that our condiments come from France, the Middle East and Korea, they play extremely well together, particularly on meaty beef bones. I will add another layer of marinade to the meat when I heat it up. The pepper container is sadly, completely empty. We will have to break out a new one after Passover.

Here you see the ribs and the meatballs cooking away,


until they were done



I have lots of time to make a salad. I think we will go dessert free tonight.

Shabbat Shalom to everyone, especially Annette who was worried that I wouldn’t cook until Passover.


  1. Beautiful challah, and I'm positive it tastes delicious!

  2. It's dinner time in Boston. I wish I could teleport to you. That looks just delicious. Happy Birthday to your son too.


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