Having lots on my plate

I suppose that when some people have several jobs on their plate at the same time they completely finish one before they move onto the next.

If I try to work that way I tend to get stuck. I tend to work better having several projects going at one time.  I find that the problem solving from one piece gets my mental gears going for the other piece I have on hand.

Isabel’s tallit is in many ways the polar opposite of the twins’ restrained tallitot. Their tallitot are all about self control. They are visually uncluttered and clean.


Isabel’s tallit is lush.


The other day I realized that she needed  even more gold braid, so each side of the tallit got two more rows of the gold braid. Today I made the pinot/corner pieces. Tow of the corners have the pomegranate motif, and two the bell motif.


Each one is framed by the gold and blue general’s braid.


I’m now thinking about the atara/neckband. I’m trying to decide if I should go maximalist, or be a bit restrained.


Here you see the pinot on the tallit and the extra bands of braid.


As I look at the photograph, I’m thinking that I will go maximalist. Isabel is a kid who can carry off high glitz and still look elegant. She also loves glimmer and glitz…hopefully I can show you the full on glitz atara tomorrow.


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