Clearing my plate

Yesterday I finished adding color to the Isabel’s thank you notes. Tying her tzitzit was scheduled for the late afternoon.  as delightful as this project was,I am glad to put it to bed.


Isabel was really delighted with her tallit. Her father joined her for tying the tzitzit. The two shared the task with  much teasing between the two of them.



Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough with my camera and I missed Isabel’s jumping for joy moment.SAM_3907

I am also working on finishing up Yoni’s tallit.


I have had to abandon some ideas that didn’t work.


The text for the atara just didn’t show up on the rock pained fabric. the little green snails are of no theological importance but will make Yoni’s favorite color more dominant on the atara.


I also had a similar false start with the pinot.


I still have to sew the corner pieces onto the tallit and make he eyelets. Once I trim all of the loose threads the tallit will be complete.


  1. It's stunning! One of your best.

  2. Thanks. This one is up there in my book as well.


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