Non identical twins

I have been working on the non identical tallitot for the non identical but  similar twins.



This is the atara for one of the twins.

I lay the atara on top of a piece of couched embroidery so you can see another example of couching.



The beams of light that come out of the Hebrew word for light will be further emphasized with more embroidery.


I like how this photo shows clearly how the silver thread is stitched down to the blue gros-grain  ribbon with tiny blue stitches. This twin wants a really simple tallit.


Her sister wanted a tallit that is a bit more visually complex, but in the same colors of blue and silver.

This is the text I’m using from Psalm 104.


The twin’s grandmother is making the bags for the tallitot. I had a really lovely conversation with her this morning talking through the process of how to make the bags. I think she will do a wonderful job. She sounded a bit worried so I suggested that she make a sample bag first. She seemed really relieved when I suggested a trial bag.


This has been an interesting project for me. Each of the generations involved with this tallit has a strong voice. They do not al want exactly the same thing but I am doing my best to hear each voice and to create something that leaves arch participant satisfied with the end result.


After each client meeting I replay the conversations  in my head  to try and understand what each person is really saying, to figure out what their real needs are.


These two tallitot are all about restraint. Although often my work is of the “more is more” school. I do actually understand how to do quiet.


  1. This is already beautiful. I am sure it will only become more so. I love blue and silver.

  2. OH Sandy..Your words arrived at exactly the right moment.Thank you. I'm adding silver rays of light to the atara as i type..( well really I'm pulling silver threads to the back I love silver and blue too but with the wrong balance it reads like an ice cube

    1. Isn't it interesting about the 'simple' one actually needing more complex techniques? ...the couched thread.
      I agree about ice cube!


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