Forgive my pride.

I’m incredibly pleased by how this tallit is progressing.


This particular tallit has been all about building up each of the elements layer by layer.

isabel (2)


Yesterday, I pieced the stripe into the dyed silk. Isabel had wanted the seams covered by the blue and gold military braid. it was a good choice.

isabel (3)

Isabel mentioned that she wanted the silk around the pomegranates left as it was. I kept telling her that I thought I might paint the background a light blue.  Isabel was right.  

isabel (5)

I may add a few more stripes of the braid both above and below the painted stripe.


I have some additional painted pomegranates and bells. I will make two of the pinot out of the bells and two out of the pomegranates. I still have to make the atara/neckband. I am beyond pleased with how this tallit is coming out.


  1. Those mystery bundle dresses are lovely, and can't say which I prefer. I almost got one of the bundles, but I really am trying to succeed in my fabric fast. The tallit colors are beautiful and she is going to be a very stylish adult one day

  2. I probably ought to do a fabric fast...but the mystery bundles are like a siren song to me... they are hard to resist and serve as retail therapy for me. ( for $15 I already have two new dresses and i have only touched two of the fabrics!)

    Isabel has ALWAYS been stylish. She is one of those girls who couldn't give two hoots about what anyone else is wearing and dressing herself is a way of playing with ideas about self presentation. She has been a favorite of mine for years and I'm glad to have this opportunity to work with her.


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