Busy, busy, busy

With this and that.

This is some of the this, adding color to Isabel’s invitations, and the reply cards, and the thank you notes.


This is more of the this…



Couching silver cord to cover letters for an atara.



The cord is too fragile to use for embroidery, so I’m hand couching it. I could have done the couching by machine, but ultimately it is easier to work in small spaces when you work by hand.


Couching is a fancy word for stitching down  decorative cording with tiny stitches.


And an inexplicable that:

I have tried three times to purchase the Family Circle book from this series that is about clothing. Each time I have gotten this volume from the series….


on gardening. No, this is not all that useful for me living six flights above ground level.  I am going to put it in the give away bookshelf in my building’s basement.

And this is the breakfast I have been eating most mornings.


It’s sort of the opposite of a smoothie. I guess you can call it a roughie. It’s an orange, some almonds cranberries and a couple of dates, and it’s delicious.


I am incredibly grateful that my dear friend, Marcia has invited us for Shabbat. It has been a hard week. It’s so good to have a friend call up, acknowledge that it has been a hard week and then extend an invitation. There will be some cooking tomorrow, just not a giant escapade of cookery.


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