Not just cooking

I know, there are times when it seems like I do nothing but cook.

But my hands have not ben involved only with cooking.

I removed the border from this challah cover and replaced something that was just OK with African mud cloth from my stash. The mud cloth is a much better choice.


I knit a cowl for my daughter.

I completed Kyra’s tallit. here are the pinot/corner pieces.


This is completed tallit.



The silk is really luscious.  If I ran the universe I would have made an atara/neckband as well.SAM_3539

Kyra though seemed really sure of what she wanted. I will see if she changes he mind when she comes this afternoon to tie her tzitzit.

OK, a moment about food. last night was the first night of Chanukah.  As I have said before, I am not a big fan of latkes. I was willing to be swayed by the pleading of my family and made a batch.


I also made sweet potato and ricotta cheese latkes. Yes, I made apple sauce. I also made a childhood favorite, cranberry relish.

This is how you make it.

Here are the ingredients.


Then in the food processor…


followed by…


After a few minutes of processing you get…


When it is first made it will be granular with the sugar and the taste profile will be off. I kept kicking myself for adding too much orange. But after a few hours in the fridge, it’s perfect. I suppose you could get fancy by adding a cinnamon stick or perhaps a couple of cardamom pods.  The flavor of the simple version is so intense, so perfect on it’s own  that you can forget about being fancy. My son asked my why I had hidden this wonderful dish from him for so long.


I think there will be much more cranberry relish in our lives from now on.


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