Making 50 of them

When I took my first painting class in college my professor told me that when there was a piece that I liked I needed to make 5o of them so I could really understand what I was doing.


When I was in college I didn’t quite get the wisdom of that statement.  I am working on an invitation design.


My clients are people of real taste and definite opinions. I love working with them.  It also helps that they are really delightful.

So over the past few weeks I have been creating LOTS of variations on  the theme.


We had been exchanging emails back and forth with some of these variations being sent as attachments. We had a few pow-wows  at services about how things were  going.SAM_3461


Last night we met in person. SAM_3462

We talked back and forth and came up with a game plan.SAM_3463No, I’m not going to share the final design –yet.


I really do enjoy the back and forth as each of us clarifies what we like or don’t like.  I love the partnership of working with clients.


What I think is the final version is drying on my dining room table.


Waiting for some of the elements to dry I made this.


A half slip.  This reminds me of the vibrant half slips that I lusted after in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.   It’s a bit of fabric left over from a dress from a few years ago.   The slip goes perfectly with the  apple green double-knit dress that also looks like it might have come from the same moment in sartorial history, A bright slip  in a retro print never fails to make me happy. I have a low threshold for joy.


  1. "A low threshold for joy" ha ha! This is a good thing! Looking forward to seeing the final design selection.


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