I’m back!!!

With my camera busted I found it hard to even think about constructing a blog post. 

My new camera arrived today, so I’m back. yesterday I took my neighbor to see  the play “Honeymoon in Vegas”. It’s still in previews. If I had to summarize the plot to you, you would think that it is  incredibly dumb.  It is however silly and delightful and Tony Danza is incredibly charming and is even a pretty wonderful singer. Yes, you should see this bit of theatrical whipped cream.

My neighbor had thought that given how the rest of her day was pretty difficult, that it would be nice to go out for a drink after the show. While were were trying to find a suitable place she suggested that we go into some fabric stores. I wanted to show my neighbor a range of places so we first stopped into Beckenstein’s  to see all of their amazing men’s wear.

Then I brought my neighbor to see the visual opposite, Kabbalah Man in it’s crazed glory. We followed that up by a quick stop at Paron.  Paron was selling a few cuts of fabric at silly prices. I was unable to resist..

The striped sweater knit was $4 for 2 yards. The blue is a cotton sheer knit and was $5 for 2.5 yards.
They both smelled a little musty so I washed them both.I have never seen the lint filer on my dryer quite so stuffed with lint.

The blue has been improved by the washing and is now a little less sheer.

The stripe will probably be saved for summer sewing. The blue might be in garment form soon.
I have been working on a the design for the Princeton parochet/ark curtain. I will soon submit my design.

I just took some photos with my new camera and downloaded them but they seem to have hidden themselves in some hidden nook of my computer. I’m off to find them.

Hurray! I found the photos. My camera is living in the past and thinks that it's October.
Here is the latst draft of my proposal.

And now my view in late afternoon light


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