Food Friday–welcome home edition

My youngest came home from college this week. He mentioned that he wanted ribs this Friday night. So, I complied.


After all of the Chanukah related fried foods of the week, I limited us to a smaller amount of ribs.  I cooked the ribs in the dregs of two bottles of pomegranate molasses, balsamic vinegar, mustard and a dollop of Korean hot pepper paste and a shot of liquid smoke.

I decided to make a relatively simple chicken with this spice mixture


Of smoked paprika, sumac and black pepper. all of the chicken pieces got well massaged with the mix. About half way through I remembered my friend Alan Divak getting all dreamy talking bout making sumac chicken on a bed of stale pita. I did have a few home made pitot hanging around so I ripped them up and tucked them under the chicken.  I also added some cubes of stale challah. I cooked the chicken and bread until it looked like thisSAM_3557

Shabbat Shalom!!


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