The Wedding is over

The wedding is over. The gift was delivered.


The bride, who truly would have looked beautiful wearing a burlap sack was spectacular in her dress. The groom was so deeply happy.PB090508a

I am NOT going to talk about the desperate crazed rush on Friday getting my mother ad her saintly caregiver to the hotel. I am NOT going to talk about how difficult it was for my sister to do the drive from Boston when every car between Boston and New York seem to have decided that driving south on Route 95 was just the thing to do at that moment.


I AM going to talk about how crazy happy it makes me to see that my children understand how important it is to dance at a wedding with all of your body and all of your soul. I am also going to say how wonderful it is to see the deep tie between my children and their cousins.


There were some deep splits between my mother and some of her siblings. There were parts of the family that we did not see for decades. Seeing the children and grandchildren of the warring parties dancing together with full hearts  was stupendous.


I loved that we got my mother out on the dance floor.

I’m glad though to get back to regular life.


I made another hunchback dress last night in my attempt to get back to regular life.



  1. Seeing the brides dress your challah cover is perfect for her. It's such a lovely, personal gift that the couple will get to use for many, many Shabbats,

  2. Yes, it is exactly right for the bride.One of the nice thing about seeing the gift registry on line is that it gives you a good sense of the taste of the couple.

    The bride is even nicer than she is beautiful...and that's saying a whole lot.

  3. I was going to say the same as Nancy. The challah cover is just right for such a lovely person. I am glad it was all beautiful even though a bit stressed before hand. Enjoy the new dress!

  4. Thanks Sandy!! i will. The dress sewed up quickly. i may do some editing though.


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