Yet Another Hunchback Dress

I get that for most of the world’s population the next sentence  sounds whiny and spoiled.  Today was the first day since Yom Kippur that we have had phone and internet, a working oven and heat all at the same time.

I am really happy to have all of my first world pleasures.

I have also been doing lots of work on a piece that involves lots of hand embroidery. Yes, I will post pictures, but not today.

Doing so much slow work gets me itchy to make a fast garment.


I had purchased this bright drapey sweater knit at Fabric Mart. I had purchased this fabric in a different fun print and had made something I love. But the cold weather made me want a sweater dress.


I made another hunchback dress mostly because they are so simple to make.


This is what the dress looked like cut out , before I sewed up the seams. This time I remembered to make sure that it was wide enough. I remembered before cutting that a knit  on the bias has less stretch than it does going crosswise. I would be lying if I told you that I came up with an actual algorithm about how much larger I should cut along the bias. I went with bigger than the dress I was using as my sort of pattern.


I stitched up the seams on my serger and rough finished the hems on the serger as well. I may turn the hems tomorrow.

A  few minutes later I had this.


Some of the dresses that I make look better on the dummy than they do on me. This is not the case here.SAM_3258


This dress is crazy flattering on my highly imperfect body. It’s knee length. I love how a dress that looks so wrong laid out on the floor can look so good on an actual human being.SAM_3259


I’m glad to be back in the first world again.


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