Maybe chocolate will make things better

It’s been a less than stellar week.  Clearly I’m having a better time of things than my dear friend in Israel whose husband suddenly died . I guess you could say that I am having a week of first world problems.

Our phone and internet have been spotty to nonexistent since Yom Kippur. They both seem to be back, sort of, today.

I have had crazy allergies which have made simple things like breathing not so easy.

We had no water in our apartment this morning and the gas was turned off in our building for a chunk of the day.

So, I get it. My family is fine. None of us has Ebola. My husband is alive ( worried and cranky because of the stock market tumble, but alive)


People we love are coming for tonight’s dinner. One of our guests loves chocolate so I made him chocolate almond  apricot non dairy ice cream.


Maybe it will make all of us feel better.



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