Food Friday–Halloween Edition

My oldest turned twenty six today.


I am hosting Shabbat/Birthday dinner for her and for some of her friends.


She chose the menu. It’s a Caveman Shabbat. I made beef flanken ribs in a  smoky pomegranate mustard marinade.



As per her request I also made jerk chicken wings.

She requested pumpkin pie. I obliged.

The pie is being topped with maple-pecan  non dairy ice cream which is being made as I type.

Inspired by my friend Iscah, rabbi educator and artist who sculpts her challot into fanciful shapes including pigs, I made pumpkin shaped challot.

Here they are before baking


And now, after..


And here is my daughter on her first birthday.

Dena 1st bday (1)

She’s even cuter now.


  1. Your bread always makes me drool!

  2. How do you do your pumpkin pie filling? I tried subbing cocoanut milk for the evaporated milk, with limited success.

    1. The challah looked cute but tasted great. I will re post the recipe during the week. As for the pumpkin pie filling.

      1 can Whole foods 365 brand pumpkin. ( I hate Whole Foods on principle but the canned pumpkin is a better more flavorful variety than the standard)

      1 cup sugar
      3 eggs
      2 T corn starch
      Ginger,cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and a pinch of salt
      Mix with a mixer and pour into a pastry shell. I used pecans, flour,some brown sugar and a pinch of salt along with a glugg of cheap rum and a bit of water. I mixed it in the food processor. I then smooshed the crust into the pie pan and let the crust rest in the fridge while I mixed the filling and pre heated the oven. I baked at 375 until the center was set. The lack of a milk element in the pie was not noticed. I guess that the eggs and the cornstarch did their bit to custard-ize the filling.

    2. Thanks Sarah. I will give it a try.


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