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My cousin is getting married in a week and a half. It’s a black tie event. The bride comes from the land of sparkle, Long Island.


Several months ago my youngest was looking over my shoulder as I was internet fabric shopping. This sequin encrusted fabric was on sale. I was on the fence about buying it.


My son strongly encouraged me to buy it.


I have had this fabric sitting in a bag on the shelf for months but I haven’t done a thing about making the dress. I had been mentally designing this dress, thinking about and discarding a variety of options.

Because this fabric is sheet I decided to layer it over a tan scuba knit.


I know it’s a boring color but it’s meant to be that way. The fabric has so much going on.


After a whole bunch of dithering, I decided on the dress design.



It’s a really simple off the shoulder column dress. I have often mistakenly cut the necks of my dresses too wide and have inadvertently ended up with an off the shoulder dress. I sewed up the scuba fabric lining and my husband liked the shape of the dress and liked the off the shoulder neckline on me.  The fabric is so busy that I figured that the simpler the better in terms of design. You can’t get too much simpler in terms of silhouette.


If I had been smarter I would have ordered more fabric. But I’m not smarter, so I have had to resort to come creative cutting. The dress back is seamed, partially to create a bit of shape and mostly so I will be able to eke out enough  of the sequin fabric.


All of the beige scuba is cut out and two thirds of the sequined fabric is cut and edge stitched to the scuba lining.  My dining room looks like it has snowed sequins.



Hopefully I will get the dress completed by the end of this week.


  1. Wow! I am looking forward to it!

  2. Oh, I so want to see a picture when it's done! Will look fabulous on you.

  3. That is wonderful sequin fabric, Sarah! Different than the usual solid sequins, and the several shades of metallic take it to a completely different level. Wish I'd seen the fabric as I would have some in my stash, too.

  4. The sequins are all gold dough-nut shapes. They catch the light and look different depending on how the light hits them. I bought the fabric on sale at Fabric Mart. I think it was $5/yard.

  5. I wonder if that's the same sequined-encrusted-fabric-on-sale I was drooling over sometime ago...loved it, wanted it, just couldn't justify it. Looking forward to seeing your creation!!

  6. Lisa - I had seen similar fabric for $20/yard but it was on sale for $5/yard so buying it was a no brainer.


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