Quiet and Done


It’s done.SAM_2921

Like Mike, the tallit is quiet but the longer you look at it the more you realize is going on.



The pinot, corner pieces are large and fairly bold.SAM_2920

Although it might have been slightly nuts to hand embroider the letters on the atara, I’m really glad that I did.



I love the texture. My son, who was kind enough to be my model in these photos, thought that the stitched looked like grains of wheat.SAM_2927

I bought tzizit dyed t’chelet, the murex blue, yesterday. I had a serious case of sticker shock.  The tzitzit cost more than my winter coat and less than the tuxedos I bought for my boys. The tzitzit are beautiful though. They will get more use than the tuxes.


Tomorrow, Mike comes by to tie the tzitzit .

And to help you get ready for the Holiday seasonאוחילה לא-ל אודהליה ברלין


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