Food Friday

The challot are baked, but I had let them rise at to high a temperature so they look a bit deflated.  It’s hot out. I ought to have put on the air conditioner,


if not for my sake, then for the sake of my baked goods.

Our guests this week are a meat eater who has been living with a vegetarian for the past umty ump years.

So I made meat balls.

SAM_2896I also made tofu.



I know, I don’t often make tofu. This tofu was cut up and baked with sesame oil, rice vinegar and some soy sauce. I put it in the oven to warm for Shabbat uncovered . I hope that it gets crusty. I also made a smoky spicy hummus that I will serve with some left over pletzel. Our guests are bringing a salad.

Tonight's ice cream is autumnal, even though the weather is not. I made a spiced rum raisin non dairy ice cream.

Here is the action shot if the ice cream being made.SAM_2898

And here it is at rest. I put in a lot of run so it had trouble freezing.


When I told my husband that the ice-cream had an autumnal flavor he suggested that I turn on the air conditioner. I did. Life now seems much better.


Shabbat Shalom!


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