Food Friday and a Poltergeist

I started my cooking right after breakfast. This is the mixture I put on our chicken. I added, sumac, smoked paprika, regular paprika a bit of cayenne pepper and not pictured, a few grinds of black pepper.


Chicken and beef tastes better if one massages the spices into the flesh. I guess if you are squeamish you could wear exam gloves or put plastic bags over your hands as you worked.  I just wash may hands really well before and after I massage the chicken.



The house smells really, really good as this cooks. My mother in law loved serving Mauzone Chicken, that is rotisserie chicken from the local kosher deli.SAM_2951 

The chicken from Mauzone was consistent. It wasn’t wonderful and it came covered in orange glop. For my husband it tastes like home and love. This is a classed up version of Mauzone Chicken.


I also made roasted eggplant.


Thinly sliced eggplant was put in a  roasting pan with olive oil, a can of diced tomato and lots of za’atar. When it was cooked I squeezed a lemon over  the whole thing.


I’m serving a watercress salad. Our guests are my cousin and his girlfriend. My cousin’s grandmother, my aunt, loved watercress. Whenever my aunt used to come to vist my mother always bought lots of watercress.


And now for the poltergeist. My son set the table and then left the room. I was on the phone in the kitchen and I heard  the sound of breaking glass from the dining room.


One of our glasses exploded.SAM_2958


I have had kitchenware commit suicide before. I have never had kitchenware spontaneously explode before.

Shabbat Shalom!



  1. Sarah, do your eggplant skins cook well enough to eat this way? My husband roasted some eggplant the other night and the skins were too tough to cut with a knife! But they were large wedges, not thinly sliced... maybe that makes a difference?
    And to conserve numbers of emails... Mike'sTallit is absolutely stunning! A quiet elegance, sophisticated and rich in a subtle way... truly lovely. And I like your idea that the tying of the tzitzit helps the owners invest more thoroughly into the garment.

  2. I sliced the eggplant really skinny, nearly paper thin.Eggplant is also one of the few vegetables that is nearly inedible even when only slightly under-cooked.

    So glad that you like Mike's tallit. I didn't invent the concept of an act creating ownership...that comes straight out of Jewish law. But working as intensively as I do on a piece it's helpful for me to have something that sort of officially transfers the ownership of the tallit to my clients.


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