Getting ready for the New Year

Today is Rosh Chodesh Elul, the new moon of the month that precedes Rosh haShanah. Traditionally it is a time for reflection, a time to repair relationships. During the month of Elul the shofar is blown each morning at the end of services to remind people that it’s time to do teshuvah. Teshuvah  is usually translated as repentance. The meaning is less of the Bible thumping sort of repentance but more a sense of reviewing your actions and behaviors of the past year and working on mending behaviors and relationships.


I am blowing shofar on the second day of Rosh haShanah. I use the month of Elul to practice.  I do do  two practices each day. Today was the first day. It sounded good.


I also did the lettering for Mike’s tallit.



The text comes from Jonah’s prayer

In the wrapping up of my soul with GodSAM_2869

I pan to add some hand or machine stitching around the letters.  Those little eddies are supposed to indicate water.

If you want to listen to a bit of Rosh haShanah Music…

Cantor David Bagon singing Hamelekh.


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