A new era begins



Tomorrow we bring our youngest to college. SAM_0467

To be frank, he wasn’t the easiest child when he was a little boy. All of us in the family have favorite stories about him. But I’m not going to share any of those stories here. If he chooses to  that’s fine, but I don’t think that it’s fair for me to in this setting. He has become quite a wonderful human being. Shockingly he has become a truly kind, empathetic person. He’s also just a good musician. Most astonishingly, he levelheaded. frankly it is much better to be the parent of a kid who is difficult when young and then is delightful from about age 9 on than the other way around.


I will share some photos that might give you a sense of what he was like as a younger kid. My son loved this photo so much that he put it in his high school yearbook. This was a routine he used to do whenever he wore his sweatpants. Yes, we all laughed.

jed no arms

I love this image for it’s sheer dweebieness. My son chose his wardrobe. Yes, your eyes do not deceive. he is wearing all plaid. Yes, those are black socks with sandals and he did button the top button of his shirt. My son was always a fearless dresser.

plaid jed

In the next photo my youngest was confused because my husbands khaki’s ended up in my son’s drawer.

pants jed

This is what my son wore  to earn money.The picture was taken by a reporter in the New York Post

Jed NY post 6-8-12

This was just one of many brilliant costumes he put together over the years. jed dylan

jumping jed

I think he’s going to have a great time in college and in the years going forward.


  1. I love your kids Sarah. Was one photo a Bob Dylan impersonation? (swoon!!)

    What will he study?

  2. Yes, he dressed up as Bob Dylan for Halloween in middle school. The wig was an Elvis wig I got after Halloween one year..he is studying Sound recording/technology. The kids are all pretty terrific.


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