Today’s Ironing Tally

Well, not counting the three dress shirts, it’s five table cloths.


They are from top to bottom, 

  • A 1940’s era printed cotton  60 inches square, from my mother in law. The print is of pots and pans.
  • A circa 1970 hand woven cloth that had been my mother’s.
  • Another 1940’s era cloth from my mother in law. I have mended it several times. It is a large scale vaguely Hawaiian floral print.
  • A table cloth I made out of blue and white printed home dec fabric. I had stained it badly and dyed it with Rit dyes to mixed success. I don’t love the dye job.
  • A heavy cotton waffle weave. It is a bear to iron. I bought the fabric. I have no one to blame but myself for this choice. It looks good on the table.


Why so much ironing? Because it was hard to get it done from the ER last week.

Why do I bother ironing my table cloths? It’s a matter of storage. Un-pressed clothes are space hogs.  If I didn’t press the cloths, my life would be worse with generations of table cloths tumbling all over my dining room.


My head is now full of my daughter’s health issues(she’s not critically ill but the medical mystery is as yet unsolved), the situation in Israel and the fact that my child hood synagogue will soon be demolished.You can see what is in the path of the wrecking ball here. No wonder I knocked my iron to the ground twice today.


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