Re-visiting the Hunchback Dress

One of my readers asked me several questions about this dress and it seems like a good idea to answer them in a post rather than just to reply in the comments.


So here are some things to think about as you construct a dress like this.

This particular dress is 54 inches long from  shoulder to hem. I am 5' 7”.

The most important thing to remember when you cut out a dress shaped like this is that at each point the dress needs to be wide enough for your body. It can be wider than you are at any point but needs to fit your body.  Yes, a knit will stretch, but you also need to remember that a knit will have less stretch on the bias. If you  neglect to add enough width  you can always cut open the dress and and add  an additional panel of fabric. Given the artsy look of the fabric you can add a contrasting  fabric  if you wish.

This dress has a fairly wide center panel added.  This dress looks best worn twisted to one side.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


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