Food Friday

It’s hot out. I have been making spring rolls. basically it’s a salad wrap.


Finding the rice wrappers is pretty easy in my neighborhood. I lay the wrappers on a wet dinner plate for a about a minute before I fill it up,

This batch had shredded cabbage, carrots cucumber, basil leaves, alfalfa sprouts and marinated tofu. Last week I had made rolls with fake shrimp and some cold cooked fish along with the shredded veggies. Last night we dipped the rolls in Hoisin sauce.


Eating the same vegetables might be a bit dreary. Wrapping them makes them into something of a party.


Tonight we are having London broil with a coffee rub.


This is the coffee and spice mixture. As far as I can remember I put in coffee, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne and coriander and cloves.

After cooking it looked like  a charred lump.


Once it is fully cool I will slice it up and put it back in the oven for reheating with a sweet/savory sauce.


My son made the challah this week.


I am also making a salad ad potatoes cooked in the chicken fat from a previous week.


If you are spending Shabbat in my neighborhood, I’m giving the D’var Torah tomorrow.

I hope that this Shabbat brings peace.


  1. Love the spring rolls. The translucent wraps always remind me of alien embryos. שבת שלם

  2. Oh for goodness sake. Now I even maky typos in Hebrew!


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