DIY Cardamom Infused Non Dairy Ice Cream

I swear, it tastes like it is made with cream.


But this pictorial recipe will show you how to make this incredibly delicious dessert.


In a pot, place a few pods of cardamom


add sugar, 1 cup


salt, 1/4 tsp or the amount that fits in that tiny space in your palm



How much you ask?


That much.



yes, the full can.




Simmer for about 30 minutes.


Then, let it cool for a bit, puree in a bender  and put into an ice cream maker. That’s it.  If you don’t let it cool, then you risk some of the hot liquid jumping out of the blender top like mine did today and burning my wrist.

Yes,It tastes really decadent and mysterious and very, very milchig/dairy. It is worth the burned wrist.

You’re welcome.


  1. My husband just missed buying an ice cream maker at a yard sale a few weeks ago. This is exactly the kind of thing, since I am lactose intolerant, that I want to make. We were in India years ago and our hosts served homemade cardamon flavored ice cream that my husband adored.

  2. I just looked up prices. you can buy a new ice cream maker for as low as $60. The ones with internal freezers cost a couple of hundred. We got ours, with an internal freezer as a hand me down from a neighbor.

    You can use the coconut base with fresh lemon as well.. I made that last week. You don't have to cook the lemon. i could see doing a similarly steeped cinnamon ice cream. I more often d will make a non dairy ice cream by cooking a couple of table spoons of starch, flour or corn starch with sugar and water and flavorings until the mixture boils and gets thick. I will sometimes add a couple of beaten eggs to the mixture or a glugg of olive oil. The smooth enlarged starch molecules give a smooth butter fat. The eggs also contribute to that rich mouth-feel. I guess that if you don't have an ice cream maker you can keep pulling the mixture out of the freezer and whipping it up in a mixer and then trowing in back in the freezer to freeze more. You can look up old fashioned recipes for "still frozen ice cream". If you have your mother's old copy of The Settlement Cookbook there will be a bunch of recipes there - not for the non dairy...but for techniques and flavor ideas.


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