A Small Sunday Adventure

Yesterday we had a few hours before an afternoon commitment. So we went to this pier on the Hudson and went kayaking.
You can’t take on the whole river, but you are welcome to paddle  between piers 95 and 97. A few minutes before you would have seen my husband and me paddling around.

Seeing both the city skyline and even New Jersey from the surface of the river was pretty wonderful.
Then we wandered our way home. Eleventh avenue is where all of the car dealerships in Manhattan  are. After we crossed 11th avenue one of the windows had a wonderful display of model vintage cars.
On our walk east to the subway we passed this really ugly building.
It’s awesomely bleak, and yes, it is public housing. It probably could have been made less awful without spending more money.

Now that Manhattan is beginning to turn back towards the waterfront, there are now several buildings that look like ships facing the water. This is just one of them.
I was able to peek inside the open windows of an 1870’s church.
This older church, probably from the time of the Civil  Wars was across the street.
When it was built it was probably something of a country church, but the city has grown up around it.

I loved the shadow cast by the fire escape.
Today I went back to work.


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