A small home improvement project

Our shower curtain had seen better days, lots of better days. It had actually gotten sort of disgraceful.


I have been on the lookout for replacement fabric. The other day I thought that I might approach this problem of a needing a new shower curtain like a regular American and just go buy one.


I went shopping. The shower curtains I found in the two stores I visited just looked depressed to me. If I didn’t hate them so much I might have bought the two that we needed.

I am very aware when I make something for the household, as opposed to making a garment for myself , that I have to think not just about what I like but what the people who live with me would like as well. It just isn’t fair to have something frilly if I share my house with my sons and my husband.


Fabric Mart had black and white seersucker gingham on clearance. Seersucker can be awfully sweet, but the black and white  saves it from being too adorable.


I ordered six yards of fabric. Our bath tub is longer than the usual and our rod has to also go around the front of the tub.

While I was ordering fabric I bought a mystery bundle as well.


The fabric arrived today. I cut the gingham into three two yard lengths. I sewed the three lengths together.


One of the fabrics in the mystery bundle was a pretty lace. I cut three strips to be the header of the curtain.


I used the insertion I had bought earlier this summer to hem the bottom.    I sewed strips of black braid to the top .



The check goes well in my bathroom.



It isn’t too feminine, despite the lace.


Best of all, It doesn’t make me sad to look at  my bathroom.


  1. Amazed at the pattern motifs in the lace which echo the hexagons in the tiling! AND the scale change from the checkerboard strip on the floor with the gingham. So, anyone with even a slight eye for patterns or matching or whatever will actually be quite excited that it wasn't all planned that way from the beginning!


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