Preparing for Sinai


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This is the Torah from Sinai, or at least as given by Adele in a Shavuot about forty years ago. I wrote out this recipe card in the 1980’s.

The following is the torah sh’baal peh – the oral tradition of blintz making.

Bletlach or pancakes


Mix and pour


Trim if needed


stack on tea towel



Continue stacking…SAM_2402SAM_2403

Cover bletlach with tea towel and make filling.



You can vary the cheeses. You want a mix of curdy  grainy and lush/creamy. SAM_2410SAM_2411


You also want to add some, but not a ton of sugar. I think I added just over a table spoon. This isn’t an American dessert.  It’s slightly sweet but not cloying. You can also add freshly grated orange rind or some cinnamon. This time I added just vanilla and a bit of orange rind.SAM_2412

To assemble


Get yourself set up with all the things you need. Put the bletle down cooked side up.



add filling to the middle


Fold in the sidesSAM_2415

Roll from the bottom



Place in a pan for frying later.


Once they are all rolled up fry seam side down first.


Threaten your children with death if they threaten to steal any before Shavuot begins. Or you can gently remind them that stealing is one of the mitzvot given at Sinai.


  1. Re: American Desserts: Both of my parents were born in Europe (Germany/Austria-Hungary) before WW1, and our home-made desserts were typical of their background. When I lived in South Florida, I was horrified by the local tendency to produce drinks and cakes loaded with sugar, but with little flavor.

    I once made a fresh peach and whipped-cream shortcake for a community event, in the Poconos, where I then lived, and overheard one of my neighbors commenting on my curious cake made "without sugar." I was dumb-founded, briefly. I noticed, however, that my cake was the first one gone.


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