Food Friday- Pink and Green Edition

Today was one of those perfect days that I think of as being California weather.  It was warm, but not too warm. the air was soft and not muggy enough to create any misery.



The sky looked like an overly saturated post card.

We might get three or four days like this in a year. I always assumed that if we  could count on weather like this coming fifteen days a year New Yorkers would but much much mellower and more polite.



Unfortunately, my only time outside was picking up a bit more food. SAM_2420


After celebrating two days of Shavuot it is now time for making Shabbat dinner.

We are eating yet another dairy meal. I made pink beet noodles.




I combined then with the kale noodles I made for the second night of Shavuot, and made a pot of lokshen mit kaese, noodles with farmer cheese. SAM_2425

There is a big pan of salmon in the oven. I’m making a big salad. I just realized that this dinner is entirely pink and green exactly like Lily Pulitzer dress. I’m even serving litchi for dessert. If I were Martha Stewart I would pull out a set of pink and green dishes, and use pink and green linens for the meal. But since I’m not Martha, we will be eating on white dishes and using red and white checked napkins.


Well, a pink and green meal  is better than one that is  all white. ( I have been guilty of all white meals on occasion, NOT a good thing.)


Shabbat Shalom!


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