One of my favorite buildings in Harlem and signs of spring

I love this building.


First of all, this is one of the weirdest takes on a broken pediment I have ever seen. Usually a broken pediment has an elegant finished look. This one looks more like a busted pediment.

I love how the two completely finishes on the two halves of the building just make this building look slightly surreal. I took this photo before Passover and had been trying to figure out how to include it elegantly in a post.

When I took this photo it was still wintery out. The weather has been aggressively spring like for a day or two followed by a few days of bitter cold. The plants and flowers in the neighborhood are completely confused by the weather. The tulips on our block went immediately from being closed buds to the petals about to drop.



They reminded me of the iconic Andy Warhol  flower sink screens.


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