A great book from 1922

 I love readiong old sewing books. they are often a good source for learning how to draft garments.  Often there are directions for pattern drafting in old elementary school hand craft books.  For many years i have been satisfying my need for old sewing books by buying books on Amazon.  lately i have been searching through the troves at Google books for  terrific books.

Yesterday I stumbled on a truly wonderful craft book written by Jane Wright McKee called, Purposeful Handwork.

The book made me immediately regret that Jane Wright Mckee wasn't my kindergarten teacher. She has such a completely delightful and delighted approach to working with kids. 

The book then follows with dozens and dozens of delightful projects to do with little kids.

How can you not love a teacher who talks about school the way this teacher does here.

One caveat though. This book was written in 1922... There are items that may not sit so comfortably for us culturally ( Indian headdresses). It's also interesting to see that she felt comfortable having five ad six year olds play with slingshots, bows and arrows, hammers and nails.  
You can read the entire book here or download it to your mobile device. 


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