And sometimes it’s a struggle

Because I learned how to sew informally, that is I taught myself my acquisition of sewing skills is uneven.  There are some things that I do easily that most people who sew think of as being difficult. there are other skills that are on the face of it much easier but I have serious trouble doing.



Yesterday I was sewing this tallit stripe onto Y’s tallit.  it took me four tries to get a one foot strip sewn down properly. I had chosen to sew the stripe onto the tallit with a complicated multi part stitch. Each time ripping the old stitching out was a truly horrible job.


If Y or her family are reading this they ought not to fret about all of the old thread schmutz. It will be easy to clean up with a bit of masking tape.


Today however, my work went swimmingly. I added strips of really nice gold and blue braid to the edge of the stripes.



I was recently at Paron Fabrics. I know that  most sewing stored in America sell fabric and notions and trim. The garment district stores tend to be segregated. That is, a fabric store will just sell fabric. If you want ribbon or braid  you go to a trim stores.

Paron is a fabric store.  But on my last visit they had a few rolls of trim on a shelf. I had no particular interest  in the mint green Venice lace. This  gold metallic and blue trim looked like it was something I would use.


I know from experience that if you offer to buy the entire roll, you will often get a much better price. I asked if I could purchase the entire roll. I was quoted a price, $15 for the roll.  I bought the roll of braid. After I got home I priced the braid. It is used in military uniforms. you can buy it for $12.50 per yard. I think I did really well.


Actually, Y  did too. I’m using lots of this braid on her tallit.SAM_2300

This is the reverse of the tallit. I used the purple thread in the bobbin so both sides of the tallit will read as being striped.


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