The tale of a disaster

Today is my older son’s birthday. He does not like having the usual Passover cake as a birthday cake. 
( Not that I blame him.) tonight we are going to a friend’s home for Shabbat dinner.  Our friend had a son who had died who shared a birthday with  my older son.  Every year our friend takes our son out for a meal for his birthday. It is a sweet, sweet bond between our son and our dear friend.


Our friend’s house has not yet been changed over for Passover. She is serving our challot which we had brought over earlier in the week. I had thought that I could make a meringue tart shell and fill it with custard for dessert. My son signed on to the idea.


I made the tart shell and baked it.


I made two custards a couple of days ago, I made an orange custard and a chocolate one. They were both delicious.

As soon as I filled the tart shell I realized that things were not going well.


I hadn’t bakes the meringue for long enough. The custard melted the shell.


Things went from bad to worse.


We snacked one some and gave the rest away.


I made a new custard ( orange scented chocolate) and am baking another meringue shell.


I am leaving this shell in the oven as long as I can. I will fill it at our friend’s house. I even got berries to top  the tart. Hopefully this one will work.


  1. Woops! I've always made European tortes that don't call for flour. Much better than most Passover desserts made with matzo meal and there are too many celiacs in the family to make it even possible.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!
    and may your Passover time be a very special one.

  3. Oh, I was just considering a merengue for an upcoming party but your experience is giving me second thoughts. Hope this one succeeds.

  4. Jane, it really isnt that just have to let the meringue shell dry until it feels like cardboard or Styrofoam. The second time was the charm.It was a bit hit.

    Nancy- I do a lemon cake and a chocolate cake that are both flour-less. this dessert was my son's choice.

    sandy - Thank was a really nice birthday for all.


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