Moving right along

The last of the 7.5 dozen eggs I purchased on Monday.


The eggs went into

  • matza brei
  • pancakes
  • cheese latkes
  • the failed meringue
  • the failed custards ( orange and chocolate)
  • the successful meringue shell
  • the successful chocolate custard
  • matza balls

and this cake. My nephew is nut  allergic and is coming to the first Seder.  I have been faking (improvising) a sponge cake out of the left over egg yolks from making meringues. I had lots of yolks so faked a lemony sponge cake.


I thought it would look cute topped with a lemon custard and teeny meringue stars. I piped the meringue into the bottom of the same spring form pan I had used to bake the cake  on a lining of parchment paper.

I topped the cake with the custard and then added the meringue border.


I had even created a center medallion.


Tomorrow night I will add blackberries to the top of the cake.


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