Food Friday Winding Down Chametz Edition

I had thought that the last batch of challah I had baked would be the last until after Pesach.  but my older son’s birthday is next Friday night. The boy asks for so little. I caved. We are changing over out house on Sunday…but our friends have invited us next Shabbat. I will deliver the challot to our hosts’ freezer so we can enjoy them as part of the birthday dinner.


Here is the challah early on in the process.  It always amazes me how gross it looks in the early stages.


But after not all that long you get this:


Two of the challot are for tonight ( we are guests again!) two are for next week and the fifth is going to our now home bound buddy , Mike.



In order to use up more of the flour I offered to bake a cake. I made a chiffon cake with chocolate chips. In the years before my parents got the religion of healthy eating my mother used to bake a chiffon cake every Friday. Mine is cooling.


I did an up-skirt shot of the cake


I may top it with a confectioner's sugar glaze after I get it out of the pan.


I  notice that my ceiling looks much cleaner in the photo. That’s because I cleaned it yesterday. The joys of Passover cleaning! You will be hearing much more about that next week.


Shabbat Shalom!


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