Food Friday- Made Up Food Edition

On the first afternoon of Passover, I had begun making a lemon cake. the eggs were separated and I started whipping up the yolks and my mixer died. I had nine egg whites in a bowl and my whisk was in the MIA Passover box.

My sister came up with the brilliant idea of borrowing a mixer from a neighbor. I finished mixing the cake put it in the oven and frankly, it looked a bit weird. I realized I needed to bake another cake in case the first cake was a disaster.

I made up an orange almond cake .  It was really good.  We are having guests for Shabbat so I decided to reprise the cake.

Here it is below.
What’s in it? As far as I can recall
Made up Orange Almond Cake
9 egg yolks – beaten until thick and butter colored with a cup of sugar and the rind of one orange and the juice of the same orange
6 egg whites ( I made meringues with the other 3 whites) beaten until stiff with a pinch of salt
gently add the stiffly beaten whites to the yolk mixture
sprinkle about a cup of ground almonds to the batter and gently fold in until well mixed
I poured the batter into a spring-form pan,( but you could use a tube pan if you wish_ and bake at 350 until the cake is done ( pulled away from the sides of the pan and a knife inserted into the middle comes out clean) turn cake over until cook -remove to plate
custard topping
in a small saucepan combine a couple of hefty table spoons of  potato starch, a cup of sugar the juice of an orange some orange juice from the fridge and the zest from the orange. Heat while stirring until the mixture boils and becomes clear. spread or pour over cake 9 depending on how thick the mixture is.
I  baked the meringue wreathes on the bottom of the spring form pan on parchment paper. when they cooled I peeled them off the paper and added them to the cake.  It looks cute. You could also top the cake with fresh berries.
I have been making a pot of Matza Brei each morning for breakfast. Tomorrow is shabbat my older son whop thinks about food a great deal asked me what breakfast would be tomorrow morning.
I needed to make something that could be eaten cold and would be something that my youngest would eat as well.

So I made this.
It’s a breakfast lasagna.  Like many Passover food items it’s a combination of matza milk eggs and cheese think lasagna but slightly sweet. The cheese layer is plops of cottage cheese. The lasagna is flavored with cinnamon, orange peel, orange juice and is enhanced with milk, raisins and some sugar and maple syrup.
Our sedarim were wonderful. When I’m less tired, I will tell you about them.


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