Food Friday Birthday Edition

My youngest turned 18 on Monday. I will give you a moment to let that thought sink in.

But as our family tradition dictates, he got to choose both the guests and the menu for tonight. I had found this recipe and thought that my son would find it really appealing for dessert. He did.  I began making the recipe yesterday and discovered that the dough was not just crumbly but there was no way it could hold together. It was like sand on the beach. I noticed that there were no eggs listed in the cookie ingredients and added first one egg and then another to the dough.That was a massive improvement.

 I don’t mind doing cooking that is time consuming but I hate fussy work for it’s own sake. Rolling and cutting cookies always starts out fun but by the time you are done you want to shoot yourself. I had made a batch of refrigerator cookies earlier in the week for tonight’s dinner, and loved the ease of slice and bake cookies. I decided to form these chocolate cookies the same way. They are slightly less adorable than they would have been rolled out but the difference isn't enough to make it worth the effort of rolling  and cutting cookies.

If you decide to do this recipe then the author has you roll the filling into a log and slice slices of that to fill the cookies. I do think I may have added too much water, but I had a soggy roll of filling and just slapped the filling inside the cookies with a knife. The result is cute enough.
The refrigerator cookies I had made were the butterscotch cookies from Joy of Cooking. It’s a nice brown sugar cookie which is basically chocolate chip minus the chocolate. I had made a batch and drizzled the top with melted chocolate.  I still had part of the roll left so I sliced up those cookies and filled them with the left over frosting.
After I finished my morning weights work out I was a little concerned that I hadn't done quite enough upper body work.  I then put up the challah.
I then made
noodles.I used an entire bag of semolina flour and added eggs until it felt right. There was a lot of noodle dough to roll out.SAM_2123
I rolled the dough so it was nice and thin. The picture above is early in the rolling process. Semolina makes a really stiff dough. By the time I was done I did not think that I had cheated on my upper body work out.
There is still more food to be made, ( salmon, kale salad, hummus)

I am looking forward to enjoying Shabbat with our guests.


  1. Good trick with cutting the dough from a roll. I decided the gingerbread biscuits had to be done that way last holiday time. The dough needs to be chilled anyway, so why not treat them as rolled and sliced refrigerator biscuits. I totally get the bit about the change in mood from the beginning of cutting out cookies to bake and how you feel near the end!


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