Drawing with a Sewing Machine

Drawing with a sewing machine is definitely an off label use of power tools.  But after a couple of days of trying to avoid the task I plunged in. SAM_2046


I used this drawing of a wing via Google images as my source inspiration.

I drew the top arc of the winds onto the flannel I had used to back the silk.  If I were a different kind of a worker, I would have transferred the design onto a grid to enlarge the design. I just drew the design while I looked at the original wing.



I then loaded the sewing machine  bobbin with silver thread and sewed along the green line. SAM_2027

I kept the drawing next to me as I first stitched the outer edges of the feathers.  Then I gritted my teeth and added the feathers.  the more I worked the more control I had over the process. I kept pressing down on the ‘ go backwards’ lever on the machine. Astonishingly …it really looks like feathers.



After I was done I pulled all of the threads to the back until my eyes hurt. SAM_2043



I still have to tie off all of the threads. A boring job that I will do while listening to an engrossing podcast. SAM_2041

Next, I will have to assemble all of the elements of the tallit.


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